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Welcome. I am glad you took the time and interest to visit our site.

Have you ever known someone to be in the critical care unit of a hospital and the doctors label their condition as serious, yet stable? Many people look at this as bad news. The key is not to focus on the seriousness of the injury, but to take hope in the fact that the patient is in stable condition. This means, the person is not getting any worse and has the great potential of improving, provided the necessary medical attention is given and the patient responds to it positively.

The same concept applies to the spirit man. People come to the church all the time for healing, both spiritual and physical. It does not matter how seriously injured they are, as long as they progress to a state of stability. Their condition, regardless of what it is, will improve. This is our belief as pastors of Faith Christian Center.

We believe the primary reason for the lack of growth in many lives is a lack of stability. As a church, we exist primarily to bring stability to all areas of a person's life. Like doctors in a critical care unit, we are committed to bringing God's people to a place of stability. As we continue to impact lives, stable lives will produce stable families and in turn a stable society. One that is governed by Biblical principles of sound moral judgment and love for our fellowman.

Our challenge to you is not to focus on how critical your condition is, but. rather focus on becoming stabilized. It is in becoming stable that you will heal as well as experience growth. As you grow, you will realize your potential to influence and bring about change in a dying world.

This is our hearts' prayer for you. Feel free to browse around and contact us if you so desire, we would love to hear from you.

Pastors Winston & Cislin Williams